My Setup

So I thought I’d kick-off my blog with info about my setup; hardware and software. I think it’s safe to say that every developer has their preferences in regards to just about everything when it comes to development; there is an infinite number of ways to get to an end product. My setup comes from my own preferences and is neither better or worse than the next developer’s; it really does come down to personal preference.


When I’m in the office my weapon of choice is an Apple Mac Mini specced up to just about as high as was possible when I bought it - that’s 2.6GHz of Intel i7 and 16GB RAM twinned with a 1TB Fusion drive. It’s worked for me flawlessly for a couple of years now and I’m confident that it’ll be good for another couple at least. To PC devotees the clock speed of the processor might seem a bit slow but it’s more than quick enough to power OSX Yosemite and everything else that I use on a daily-basis.

When I’m out and about then my MacBook Pro takes charge.

I use 2 screens at home (or 3 if I’m using the laptop), a trusty full-HD 22-incher and an almost 4K Samsung 27-incher. The 27 incher is great as it allows me to run websites at the maximum size that most normal viewers will and run diagnostics outside of that window.


Sublime Text 3 is my go-to text-editor. Everything I write is hand-coded; drag-and-drop editors are a black mark in the web development world in my opinion. I’ve used quite a few different editors over the years; Notepad++, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, JPad Pro and NetBeans to name a few but none have given me the satisfaction that Sublime Text 3 does day-in, day-out.